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Lorena Cardenas

Jose Daniel Jimenez

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Efrain Montes

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Welcome to your PLEA website


Welcome to your PLEA website.  This website is set up to provide as much information as possible to keep our members informed on current events, and PLEA activities.  You should have recently received an email notifying you of our recent general membership meeting.  At that meeting we thanked the outgoing Board of Directors and welcomed the newly elected members.  The new Board of Directors is interested in your input and feedback please feel free to contact your Board President Jose Jimenez at 626-744-7137.


The Pasadena Latino Employees Association serves as a voice for City Employees of Latin American descent. Its primary goals are: to improve opportunities for career enhancement and to market city services to the Latino community in Pasadena; to promote and to assist inter-group communication and cooperation; to remain neutral in the areas of electoral politics and labor/management bargaining in order to avoid issues which are divisive of our membership, and all in a manner which places principles before personalities and the interest of the group before the interests of any particular individual.


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